The most interesting thing about the Poco X3 Pro is its Qualcomm firmware files Snpadragon 860 SoC. This is a relatively uncommon processor and we’re seeing it in action for the first time. Qualcomm rarely offers multiple 800-series models in a year, but now we have not only the flagship Snapdragon 888, but also an 870 and 860 in the mix. It is a slightly tweaked version of the Snapdragon 855 from a few years ago, but that’s still pretty powerful by today’s standards. It echoes the Poco F1’s use of the Snapdragon 845 which was a bit dated but still very capable for its time. The raw power of the phone makes it our go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a gaming phone on a budget.

Almost all of Xiaomi’s budget to make this a new phone I guess was spent here. The design and display are the same as the Poco X3, but the internals are not. And for anyone wondering, the Snapdragon 8XX lineup is Qualcomm’s best of the best processors.

Design-wise, this model is an absolute stunner and looks fantastic for everyday usage. However, if POCO managed to make it more sleek and thin, this would’ve conquered the mid-range smartphone segment entirely by storm.

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Even in the settings menu, every adjacent icon is of a different colour. Poco X3 Pro bucks the trend in terms of poor audio output which runs rampant in the sub $300 price bracket. There is the usual bottom-firing speaker and for the top speaker, the sound comes through the earpiece grille and an additional hole on the top rail. MIUI 12 software on the X3 Pro is identical to what I reviewed on the Poco F3.

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